What is Umami Bomb? 

Umami Bomb is a premium shiitake chili oil that brings bold, savoury, spicy flavour to any dish! Add it to just about anything for an "umami bomb" of flavour. It's great on noodles, veggies, dumplings, and soups and is also delicious as a spread on wraps and sandwiches. 


How much Umami Bomb should I use?

We recommend a generous tablespoon (or two) per serving. 


Do I use Umami Bomb during cooking?

For maximum flavour, add Umami Bomb after cooking. For example, if you’re adding it to a stir fry, add it off the heat as a finishing sauce.


What is the shelf-life of Umami Bomb?

Unopened, Umami Bomb is shelf-stable for two years from the date of production. Please refer to the label on the bottom of the jar for the month and year of expiry. After opening, store your Umami Bomb in the fridge and consume within a few weeks for best flavour.


Is Umami Bomb a hot sauce?

Umami Bomb can bring the heat, but it is not a typical hot sauce. We promise you an umami-rich flavour experience that's so craveable and addictive, some customers eat it by the spoonful!


Is Umami Bomb gluten free?

No, Umami Bomb is not gluten-free. We are always expanding our product line and hope to have a gluten-free version available soon.


Is Umami Bomb made in Canada?

Yes, Umami Bomb is made on Vancouver Island. All of our ingredients are sourced locally, whenever possible.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on your order and location. Shipping within the US and Canada is FREE on orders of $70 or more.


I'm a retailer - how can I order wholesale?

Please contact us at hello@vumamifoods.com or you can also order through Faire.